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Gin Bar/Asian

Roof bar


 South African

Pedler Good Fortune (est. June 2021)
169 Queens Road                   
SE15 2ND
Owner: Taksin Muzaffer
Front of House: Pru Clarke
Chef: Gareth Crosby
(1.e. the 58 Peckham Rye team)  
Covers: 70
Asian influenced with Lucky Gin bar upstairs

Skylight (est. Aug 2021)                                       
120 Peckham Hill Street
SE15 5JT 
Located behind Peckham Library
Owner: Jonathan Reed

Bellenden Florist (est. 2021)
147 Bellenden Road
SE15 4DH
020 8699 1909
Open Mon-Sat
Bouquets for gifts, funerals, weddings.          

Latest news

Kudu Grill (Sept 2021)
57 Nunhead Lane 
SE15 3TR
Ex-Babette’s/Edinburgh Castle)
Owners: Amy & Patrick      
Open fire cooking


Soul Food

Pizza Tapas

Barefoot Joe’s (est. 2021)
@ The Red Bull
116 Peckham High Street
SE15 5ED

Bando Belly (est. Jan 2021)
Peckham Levels
95a Rye Lane
SE15 4ST
Owners: Alex & Naz profile                  

Mike’s (est. April 2021)    
133 Copeland Park
SE15 3SN
020 7732 9012
Owners: Mike Davies & 
(Franks/Camberwell Arms)
Pizzas & more.        
Indoors: 40 covers
Outdoors: 80 covers                                 

Tapas Room (May 2021)              
119 Peckham High Street, 
SE15 5SE
Wine Shop, Tapas Bar & Spanish Deli.
Owner: Paul Belcher
Branches: SE8, SW9, SW11, SW17                       



Spanish Deli



Boxwallah (June 2020)
Unit 505, 
Peckham Levels
95a Rye Lane
SE15 4ST
Owner: Abhinav
Indian roadside food bar

Feeling Food (est. 2020)
40 Peckham Rye
SE15 4JR
07307 611153
Spanish food & wine          

Coffee & Cocktails (est. Oct 2020)
133a Rye Lane
SE15 4BQ
Owners: Zerrne & Sola                               

Nola (est. Nov 2020)                                  
224 Rye Lane
SE15 4NL
Owners: Anthony and Josephine
Mork (ethically-sourced hot chocolate)
Good & Proper Tea 
Prana Chai
MOMO (small batch, organic kombucha from Herne Hill)
Daily Dose juices (made from wonky veg in Battersea)
Lemonaid (organic and fair-trade lemonade). 
Sour dough bread                 


Wine Bar

Wines Burgers


Forza Wine (est. 2019)
Floor 5
133a Rye Lane
SE15 4BQ
020 7732 7500
Owners: Bash & Michael
Drinks + snacks.
Outstanding views of London
Review: Standard

Peckham Cellars (est. Nov 2019)
125 Queens Road   
SE15 2ND    
020 7207 0124                   
Front of house: Luke West-Whylie 
Chef: Helen Hall
Sommelier: Ben McVeigh
Michelin Bib Gourmand           Review: Foodism

Slow Richies (2020)         
18 Peckham Rye,
SE15 4JR     
Relocated in Nov 2020 from a lengthy residency at Brick Brewery.
Owners: Richie & Alex Calver
Previously Cravings

Larry’s (est. March 2020)
12-16 Blenheim Grove
SE15 4QL
Owner: Mark & 
Cuisine: American
Latest news

Restaurant Afghan Kurdish Florist

Levan (est. 2018) 
12-16 Blenheim Grove, 
SE15 4QL
020 7732 2256
Owner: Nicholas Balfe
All-day bar and dining space focusing on low intervention, biodynamic and natural wines and contemporary European food.
Named after the New York City Paradise Garage DJ Larry Levan,
Sister restaurant: Salon, SW9      

Taste of Afghan (est. 2019)
215-217 Rye Lane, 
SE15 4TP 
TeL 020 3631 0310
Cuisine: Afghan & Pakistani
Home delivery

Yada’s (est. Jan 2019
104 Rye Lane
SE15 4RZ
Owner: Yada   
(aunt’s family runs Nandine)
Takeaway meat and veg dishes
Restaurant in arches over the road      
Opposite to John the Unicorn

Sage Flowers (est. March 2019)
232 Rye Lane,
SE15 4NL
Owners: Iona & Romy     

Lifestyle Bicycle Shop Mexican  Cocktail Bar

Alkemi (est. 2018)
62 Nunhead Lane,
SE15 3QE 
Owner: Jeane

Sea Bass Cycles (est. May 2018)
261 Rye Lane, 
SE15 4UR
Owners: Charlie & 
Bike repairs
Bike sales  

Cravings La Carreta (2018)
3-5 Station Way
SE15 4RX map
020 7635 0807
0pen Tues-Sat
Owner: Beatriz
Located next to Peckham Rye Overground Station.
Cuisine: Mexican & South American Street Food. Tacos, cachapas, quesadillas, arepas, enchiladas and much more.
BYOB available at small corkage fee.
Sadly Cravings La Carreta’s chef Raul has passed away. He will be be much missed for his friendliness and good-humoured nature.

Funkidory (est. Nov 2018)
42 Peckham Rye, 
SE15 4JR
Owners: Sergio & Anna
Between the White Horse & The Rye pubs

Pub/Kitchen Grill Sake Bar

South African

Prince of Peckham (est. May 2017)
1 Clayton Road
Owner: Clement Ogbonnaya
Open: Mon-Fri from 4pm/Sat-Sun from 12pm
Offer: Caribbean inspired food, great beer and big tunes
Name`: After a character in the TV Series Desmonds

Coal Rooms (est. Aug 2017)
11a Station Way
020 7635 6699
Owners: Spike group
Open: 7 days a week
Cuisine: Smokehouse
Located next door to Peckham Rye station

Kanpai (est. 2017)
133 Copeland Park, 
SE15 3SN 
Owners: Lucy & Tom 
London Craft Sake

Kudu (est. 2018)   
119 Queen's Road 
SE15 2EZ
020 3950 0226
Front of House: Amy Corbin
Head chef: Patrick Williams 
Open: Thurs - Sun
Covers: 52
Payment: Card only              
Review: ES

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