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Edith Nesbit (1858-1924)
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  Children’s author & socialist. Wrote forty-four novels.


1858 Born in 38 Kennington Lane (then Surrey) on 19th August. Father ran agricultural colleges from Kennington house plus another in Bradford. (?). Her house had three acres of land with a meadow.
1862 March: Father died aged 43.
1866 Family moved to Western Beach, Brighton, due to illness of her sister, Mary.
1867 Family moved to Bucks then France. Stayed in several towns.
1869? (10) Schooled at a convent in Dinard. Then to a school in Germany.
1870 Due to Franco-Prussian War Edith moved back to England.
1871 Nov: Sister Mary died.
1872 Moved to Halstead Hall, Kent. Local line may have inspired The Railway Children

Began to write poetry and was helped by her mother to be published in the Sunday magazine
1875 Family moved to Islington.
c1877 Edith met Hubert Bland, a bank clerk, socialist and follower of William Morris.
1879 (21) Became pregnant by Hubert Bland
1880 April: Married Hubert Bland. Lived in Blackheath.
Moved to 28 Elswick Road, Lewisham after birth of their first son, Paul,
1881 Daughter, Iris, born.
1883 (25) Edith, Hubert & Edward Pease founded a socialist debating society.
1884 Jan: Fabian Society founded. Edith and Hubert edited the society’s journal.
1885 Third child born named Fabian.
Wrote short story The Prophet’s Mantle with Hubert.
1886 Alice Hoatson, secretary to the Fabian Society, moved in wth Nesbits (until 1914).
Alice became pregnant by Hubert. Alice’s daughter, Rosamund, raised by Edith.
Wrote Something Wrong as Fabian Bland
18?? Moved to Lee.
18?? Moved to Grove Park.
1899 Wrote Story of the Treasure Seekers (T Fisher Unwin) her first major success.
Moved to Wells Hall House Eltham.

Edith again adopted another cild of Alice and Hubert, named John.
1900 Son Fabian died.
1901 Wrote The Wouldbegoods
1902 Wrote Five Children & It + The Red House
1904 Wrote The Pheonix & The Carpet
& The New Treasure-Seekers
1904 Had a holiday home at Dymchurch, Kent until 1911 (Sycamore House).
1906 Wrote The Amulet + The Railway Children (Wells Gardener Darton)
1907 Wrote The Enchanted Castle
1908 (50) Ballads & Lyrics of Socialism published.
1912 Wrote The Magic World

1914 April: Hubert died. Afterwards nl longer wrote any children’s books.
1917 Married Cpt John “Tommy” Tucker, an engineer and a socialist friend of Hubert’s.
19?? Moved to Crowlink Frinston, Sussex.
1921 Wrote The Incredible Honeymoon
1922 Wrote The Lark (Hutchinson) Based on Wells Hall House.
Moved to Jesson (now St Mary’s Bay) near Dymchurch in Kent. Home was two ex-military wooden sheds (Lon Boat & Jolly Boat) in Jefferson Lane (now Nesbit Road).
1924 (65) May: Edith Nesbit died of lung cancer in Dymchurch. Buried in St Mary in the Marsh. Did not want a grave stone. Tucker made a wooden marker which was replaced in 1998.

Long Ago When I Was Young (1966 Whiting & Wheaton)

E Nesbit - Doris Langley Moor, (1933)
Magic and the Magician: E Nesbit & Her Children’s Books - Noel Steatfield (Benn 1958)
A Woman of Passion - Julia Briggs (Hutchinson 1987)
Edith Nesbit (1858-1924) in SE London & Kent - Nicholas Reed (Lilburne 1987)

Edith Nesbit Society (founded by Nicholas Reed)




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