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Minet family
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Local family who developed the Minet Estate around Myatts’s Fields park. 

Minet Estate’s borders are Akerman Road, Lothian Road, Camberwell New Road, the railway line, Paulet Road and Lilford Road

1686   Isaac Minet (1660 -1745), a Huguenot, left France after Revocation of the Edict of Nantes to settle in London.

1731 Hughes Minet (1731-1813), grandson of Isaac Minet, born in Kent. 
The Minet family acquired property in Hayes
1770 Hughes Minet  bought over 100 acres in parish of Camberwell from Sir Edward Knatchbull. 
1789 Plan of Minet property (now Camberwell Green/Camberwell New Road

1807 James Lewis Minet (1807-1885) )born 
1813 Hughes Minet died. 

1818 Camberwell New Road built on the border of the Minet estate.
1860s James Lewis Minet sold land to the London Chatham and Dover railway..
1862 Camberwell New Road station opened - this led to development of the area.
1870 James Minet founded Church of St James
1871 Minet Estate developed starting with Paulet Road and Knatchbull Road. 
No shops or trades were allowed.
1885 James Minet died. 

1885 William Minet (1851-1932) inherited the estate
1890 William Minet  founded Minet Free Library by George Hubbard 
1890 William Minet founded Myatts Field Park, Designed by Follo….
Named after James Myatt who operated a market garden there until 1869,
1892 Burton House flats built on the estate
1892 Some account of the Huguenot family of Minet by William Minet. 
Published by Spottiswoode & Co
 c. 1895 Calais Gate flats built on the estate. Isaac Minet was from Calais
1897 Orchard House flats built on the estate
1899 Dover House flats built on the estate 
(Isaac Minet had lived in Dover on his arrival in England)

1900 William Minet bought Hadham Hall in Essex (sold in 1948)
1900 Hayes Court flats built on the estate (the Minet family held land in Hayes).
1909 Photo of Myatt’s Fields Park

1932 William Minet died.

1962 Hughes House flats built on the estate.
1964 Coligny Court flats built on the estate
1979 Minet Conservation Society formed

Book: Huguenot  Family of Minet by William Minet

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