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A History of Camberwell Grove


Georgian Camberwell Grove
Camberwell Grove was originally known as Walnut Tree Grove.
1745 Walnut Tree Grove shown on John Rocque’s map.
1774 Print of Walnut Tree Grove

1779 Dr Lettsom built a Villa at top of Walnut Tree Grove
(demolished but part of grounds remain as Lettsom Gardens allotments).

He entertained Dr Johnson and others there.
Road to his villa is then developed.
1785 Nos 33-45 built.
c. 1778 Nos 79-85built
late C18 or early C19 No 220 Hermitage built as a rustic cottage

Regency Camberwell Grove
circa 1815-1830
Nos 169-183 Grove Crescent built

1817 Print of Lettsom’s house (note 3 Coade stones - now at 80 Camberwell Road)

1819 Grove Chapel built by Roper
1836 Joseph Chamberlain born at No 188
1837 Map of Camberwell

Victorian Camberwell Grove
1866 New railway passed under Camberwell Grove

Prewar Camberwell Grove
Grove House Tavern rebuilt

Postwar Camberwell Grove
Old Mary Datchelors school developed.

Further Reading:
Parish of Camberwell - WR Blanch (1875/RP 1976)
Lettsom, His Life, Times, Friends and Descendents - James Johnston Abraham (Heinemann 1933)

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