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Champion de Crespigny family
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Champion de Crespigny family
The Champion de Crespigny family held land in Camberwell. They were a Norman family who fought in First Crusades under St Louis. Became hereditary champion  of Dukes of Brittany and Normandy. 

(Claudius?) Champion De Crespigny (1620 - 1697) 
Huguenot and officer in French army 
1687 Left chateau de Vierville in France for England after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes. 
He became a Colonel in the English army. 
1697 Died. Buried in Marleybone.

Thomas Champion De Crespigny (1660 -?) Son of Claude 
1717  Champion Lodge built on corner of Love Walk and Denmark Hill. 30 acres of parkland.

Philip Champion De Crespigny (1704-1765) Son of Thomas
His son was Claude Champion De Crespigny (1734 -1818) see below

Sir Claude Champion De Crespigny (1734-1818) Son of Philip                       
1804 Prince Regent visited Champion Lodge (Gentleman's magazine, Volume 74, Part 2)
1805 Claude Champion De Crespigny great-grandson  of Claude Champion De Crespigny made First baronet.

Sir  William Champion De Crespigny (1765?-1829) 
1818 Became 2nd baronet

Sir Claude William Champion De Crespigny (1818-1868) 
1829 Became 3rd baronet
1841 Champion Lodge demolished and new houses built on the land.
Family moved to Champion Hill House (No 29 Champion Hill?) + Wivenhoe Hall, Essex

Sir Claude Champion De Crespigny (1847-1935) 4th baronet
1847 Born in Chelsea on 20 April, the eldest son of Sir Claude Champion de Crespigny, and his wife, Mary, second daughter of Sir J. Tyssen Tyrell, bt, MP. 
He attended Temple Grove School, East Sheen, 
1862 Entered the navy, serving as a midshipman in the Warrior. 
1866 Transferred to the army as an ensign, and was with the King's Royal Rifle Corps (60th) in Ireland and India. 
1868 Became 4th baronet
1881 Became bankrupt.
1882 Sir Claude took up ballooning
1883 Became the first man to cross the North Sea, winning the Balloon Society's gold medal for this feat. 
1896 Wrote his memoirs: Memoirs  of Sir Claude Champion De Crespigny

1909 Photographed as a balloonist

1914 Retired from steeple-chasing at age of 67
1920 photograph (not his son as stated)
1935 died at his home, Champion Lodge, Maldon, Essex, on 26 June, and was buried in a mausoleum he had built in the grounds for his eldest son, who died in 1910 
His unusual life is covered in The Emperor of the United States of America and Other Magnificent British Eccentrics by Catherine Caufield (RKP 1981)

Claude Raoul Champion De Crespigny (1878-1941) Brigadier General            
1935 Became 5th Baronet

Frederick Henry Champion De Crespigny (1882-1946)                                                           
1941 Became 6th Baronet

Frederick Philip Champion De Crespigny (1884-1947)                                               
1946 Became 7th Baronet

Vivien Tyrell Champion De Crespigny (1907-1952)
1947 Became 8th Baronet
Title extant on his death

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