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Ernest Shackleton (1874-1922)

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1874 Born in County Kildare                       

1884 Family moved from Ireland to South Croydon due to Fenian unrest. 
Then moved to Aberdeen House (now St David’s), 12 Westwood Hill, Sydenham.
Educated at home by a governess. 
Attended Fir Lodge Preparatory School in Sydenham (building demolished 1896).
Photo of Shackleton in the window of the school.

1887 Attended Dulwich College.

1890 Left Dulwich College
April 19 he went to Liverpool to join the Hoghton Tower as an apprentice.


1900 Shackleton wrote to volunteer for the National Antarctic Expedition led by Cpt Robert F Scott
1901 Expedition sailed from England on HMS Discovery, Expedition was unsuccessful.

Shackleton sent home as an invalid by Scott
1904 Married Emily Dorman.
1907Shackleton led British Antarctic Expedition. 
1909 Travelled to within 96 miles of the South Pole before they turned back. Had (until 1911) travelled further south than any other explorer. Knighted by Edward VII on his return.

1911 Shackletons moved to 7 Heathview Gardens, Putney Heath.
Shackleton wrote Heart of the Antarctic about British Antarctic Expedition.
1913 Shackletons moved to 11 Vicarage Gate, Kensington.
1914 Shackleton led Imperial Trans-Antarctic expedition on Endurance with 27 crew, Its aim was to cross the Antarctic on foot.
1915 Endurance was trapped by ice and crushed in the Weddell Sea. Crew moved to an ice flow.

1916 Crew landed on Elephant Island.

24th April Shackleton and five crew sailed to South Georgia in the 23 foot James Caird lifeboat.

The James Caird reached South Georgia in early May after sailing 800 miles
With two crew Shackleton walked 32 miles across South Georgia to a whaling boat station.
30 August Shackleton in the Yelcho reached Elephant Island, and evacuated all 22 men
1917 Expedition returned home in May after two years.
Shackleton family moved to 14 Milnthorpe Road, Eastbourne until his death.
1919 Shackleton wrote South about Imperial Trans-Antarctic expedition.

1919 Frank Hurley's film “Shackleton's Expedition to the Antarctic”shown

1921 Led expedition to Antarctic continent on Quest, to survey lost or uncertain sub-Antarctic islands
1922 Died in South Georgia

James Caird lifeboat given to Dulwich College.

1923 Life of Sir Ernest Shackleton by Hugh Robert Mill
1928 Plaque added to his childhood home, 12 Westwood Hill, in Sydenham.
1959 Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage by Alfred Lansing published.

Antarctic Days. Sketches of the Homely Side of Polar Life by Two of Shackleton’s Men- James Murray & George Marston (Andrew Melrose 1913)
South - Ernest Shackleton (1919)
Life of Sir Ernest Shackleton - Hugh Robert Mill (1923)
Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage - Alfred Lansing (1959)
The Endurance - Shackleton's Legendary Antarctic Expeditio - (Caroline Alexander with photographs by Frank Hurley (1999)

Shackleton's Expedition to the Antarctic (South BFI DVD 2002))

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