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Persian (SE1)

Chinese (SE1)

Modern British (SE19)

New South London Restaurants is a regularly updated guide to the latest openings in  SE & SW London. It is brought to you by the South London Guide (est. 2003) which has detailed guides to the best local bars, cafes, restaurants and shops in South London.

Berenjak 2 (due 2022)
1 Bedale Street, 
Cuisine: Persian 
Chef: Kian Samyani
Founded in Soho in 2018
JKS Restaurants


Three Uncles (est. March 2022) 
19-20 Brixton Village,
Cantonese roast meat specialists


Tell Tale (est. Feb 2021)
69 Westow Hill
SE19 1TX
Neighbourhood eatery and bar.
Cuisine: Modern British and European 
Executive chef: Martin Blunos
Owners: Jamie Edwards and Arron Curtis (who own Radio Delicious in New Cross) teaming with chef
The Story


South African (SE15)

Pizzeria (SE19)


South London Guides

Kudu Grill (Sept 2021)
57 Nunhead Lane 
SE15 3TR
Ex-Babette’s/Edinburgh Castle)
Owners: Amy & Patrick      
Open fire cooking


Bar Palazzo (est. 2022)
6 Church Road
SE19 2TF
Owner: Ed (Made of Dough) 
Food: Pizza
Drink: Cocktails, beers, wine
Music: Ds     

Gastropub: Perry Hill(SE6) 
Georgian: Kartuli (SE22)
Indian: Timur (SE19)
Italian: Baccala (SE1)
Nigerian: Enish (SE15)

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