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Lost Cinemas of Peckham


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Peckham High Street

Peckham High Street

Rye Lane

Rye Lane Cinemas Round-Up

1909 Queen’s Hall opened at 20-26 Peckham High Street, SE15 5SJ.
1914 Became Queen’s Hall Picture Theatre.
1937 Demolished.
1938 Peckham Odeon built on the site
Designed by architect Andrew Mather (1891-1938).
Seating: 1,442 in the stalls and 668 in the circle.
1974 Odeon was converted into a triple screen cinema.
1981 Renamed The Ace.
1983 Peckham Odeon closed.
1985 Building demolished.

1898 Crown Theatre opened at 169 Peckham High Street, SE15 5SL map.
Designed by Ernest Runtz (1859-1913).
Renamed Peckham Hippodrome.
1912 Theatre became Peckham Hippodrome Picture Palace.
1929 Building demolished.
1932 Gaumont Palace built on the site of the old Hippodrome. 
Designed by Frank T Verity (1864–1937) and Samuel Beverley (1896-1959).
1937 Name changed to Peckham Gaumont.
1941 Bombed in WW2.
1944 Damaged by a V1 rocket.
1945 Gaumont reopened.
1961 Cinema closed and became a Bingo Hall.
2002 Building demolished.

1914 Tower Cinema opened at 116 Rye Lane, SE15.
Designed by H. Courtenay Constantine (1884-1971) with a distinctive 100 foot tower.
Other cinemas by him with a tower feature are Scala Kings Cross and Angel Islington.
1956 Tower Cinema closed.
Auditorium demolished.
Current status: Auditorium now a car park. Exterior restored but tower shortened.

Photo is of the Peckham Picture Playhouse (see below)
Nos 56-58. Cinema House/Imperial Playhouse (1911-1933)
Current status: Primark?
No 133. Electric Theatre (1908-1915)
Ground Floor Bussey Building. 
Current status: Retail (Peckham Market)
Nos 164-166. Peckham Cinematograph Theatre 
1905 Showed films.
1915 Became Cinematograph Theatre.
1917 Renamed Tower Annexe.
1940 Tower Annexe bombed during World War II & closed down. Building repaired and auditorium converted into a clothing factory. Entrance later a shop, then amusement arcade, then back to retail.
No 213. American Bioscope/Cosy Bioscope 
1910 American Bioscope opened.
1914 Renamed Cosy Bioscope.
1915 Closed down.
Current status: Retail.
Rye Lane Corner. Peckham Picture Playhouse
1911 Opened with seats for 700.
1917 Closed.

Peckham History Timeline

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