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Surrey Square  (C18+)   

Liverpool Grove (C19+)

Sutherland Square (C19)

This is a guide to the best period properties in Walworth, SE17, listed by road. It covers architectural types, the history of the road plus key properties in each road. We have added some maps to show Walworth’s growth over the years from a Surrey village to an Inner London suburb: 
Map of Georgian Walworth
Map of Early Victorian Walworth
Map of Edwardian Walworth

More local history: Walworth History Timeline


SE17 2JX map
Surrey Square (unfinished) was developed on the Rolls Estate. Designed by Michael Searles (1750–1813) of Paragon, Blackheath fame and finished by 1795. The artist Samuel Palmer (1805-1881) lived at No 42. Centrepiece has a pediment decorated with a fan. 1837 Map 


SE17 2HJ map
Architecture and history: Early Victorian to Edwardian and PreWar (Octavia Hill Estate)
Comments: Many houses still have letters ECE (Eccleciastical Commissioners of England) on them.
Key Properties: Nos 28-42 were built in 1842



SE17 3EE map
Architecture and history: Early Victorian .
Comments: A train line runs over part of the Square.
Key Properties: 


Cadiz Street (C19)

Lorrimore Road (C19)

Aylesbury Road (C19)

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Architecture and history: Early Victorian terrace. Probably named after Battle of Cadiz (1702).



SE17 3LZ map
Architecture and history: Built c1856 the old common shown on 1681 map of Walworth. Lorrimore means Lower Moor. 


SE17 2EQ map
Architecture and history: Late Victorian. The post war Aylesbury Estate (semi-demolished) named after it.
Comments: Each house compromises two maisonettes with either a small garden or a balcony.

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