Lost Theatres and Cinemas of Camberwell

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Theatre Metropole/Camberwell Empire/Camberwell Odeon
Location: junction of Coldharbour Lane & Denmark Hill

1894 Metropole opened. as Theatre & Playhouse on junction of Coldharbour Lane & Denmark Hill.

Later became Camberwell Empire 

1939 Camberwell Empire demolished.
Camberwell Odeon by Mather & Roberts built on the site (seating 2,470)

Cinema closed
1981 Became Dickie Dirts - jeans emporium.
1993 Building demolished
Foyer built for homeless           

Palace of Varieties/Camberwell Palace/Palace Cinema
Location: corner of Denmark Hill/Orpheus Street

1896 Oriental Palace of Varieties - built by Dan Leno (corner of Denmark Hill/Orpheus Street)

1899 Oriental Palace of Varieties rebuilt as Camberwell Palace (2000 seater) 
Tinted photo below (circa 1905)

1932 Became Palace Cinema
1943 Became a variety theatre (later with fan dancers in style of Windmill Theatre)
1956 Camberwell Palace closed
19?? Post office built on the site.

New Grand Hall/Grand Cinema
Location: 315-317 Camberwell New Road

c1909 New Grand Hall opened  at 315-317 Camberwell New Road (seated 814)
1968 Grand Cinema (ex-New Grand Hall) closed (later Bingo Hall & now a Snooker hall)

Golden Domes Picture Theatre/Rex Cinema/Essaldo Cinema

Location: 28-32 Denmark Hill

1914  Golden Domes Picture Theatre opened at 28-32 Denmark Hill
1952 Golden Domes Picture Theatre renamed Rex Cinema 
1956 Rex Cinema renamed as Essaldo Cinema.
1964 Essoldo Cinema closed (now a supermarket)

Bijou Theatre
Location: 37 Denmark Hill

1915 Bijou Theatre opened at 37 Denmark Hill (later Denmark Hill Post Office)

Regal Cinema/ABC Cinema
Location: 254-272 Camberwell Road 

1940 Regal Cinema opened at 254-272 Camberwell Road (damaged in Blitz that year)
1961 Regal Cinema renamed ABC

ABC Cinema closed. Became a Bingo Hall.
2011 Bingo hall became a church

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