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October Events in South London




Here is a one page snapshot Guide to Eastbourne home of the Towner Art Gallery. It highlights the best of Eastbourne for visitors to this beautiful resort set by the Sussex Downs National Park.


October 2018 Events in South London

5th-13th Streatham Festival
The Streatham Festival (est. 2002) has grown into an acclaimed London arts festival with varied events including comedy, film, art, photography, food, music and dance

  5th-14th Herne Hill Music Festival

4th-15th London Film Festival (est. 1953)             
The London Film Festival is an annual film festival with cooperation from the British Film Institute (BFI). It screens more than 300 films, documentaries and shorts from approximately 50 countries.   

18th-21st Affordable Art Fair (est. 1999)
Everything will be for sale between £100 and £6,000, with paintings, original artist-made prints, sculpture and photography all on show. Whether you are looking for artwork that is traditional or contemporary, humorous or edgy, by a famous name or an undiscovered talent, there is something for everyone

28th End of British Summertime
British Summer Time (BST) operates until the last Sunday in October when Britain reverts back onto GMT and clocks go back one hour at 02:00am.


31st Halloween
It means. In the medieval and early modern period (1500-1800) Halloween (All Hallows Evening ) became widespread. Bonfires became especially popular in this period. they were used  to burn the Harvest chaff but over time the bonfires were seen as guiding Christian souls in purgatory or a means of warding off witchcraft and the plague. In Ireland and Scotland, on Halloween children went souling with turnip lanterns  Halloween became popular in America in the last e 18th Century with the pumpkin replaced the turnip

In Season

English Apples
Sweet apples arose originally on Kazakhstan's border with China. It is likely that they gradually spread into Europe through the Middle East and several manuscripts from ancient Greece, including Homer's Odyssey, refer to apples and describe apple orchards. There is evidence that apples grew wild in Britain in the Neolithic period but it was the Romans who first introduced varieties with sweeter and greater taste. The earliest known mention of apples in England was by King Alfred. The outstanding English apple remains the Cox Orange Pippin.

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