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Here is a one page snapshot Guide to Eastbourne home of the Towner Art Gallery. It highlights the best of Eastbourne for visitors to this beautiful resort set by the Sussex Downs National Park.

September 2018 Events in South London

1st Camberwell Fair
Re-established in 2015 with a market, games, two live music stages, food, drink and strong representation from the local community. There was a Camberwell Fair on Camberwell Green from 1279 until 1855 when it was shut down by local authorities for causing ‘immoral and riotous behaviour’. 
Camberwell Green. SE5 7AF map  

1st-30th Totally Thames Festival
Totally Thames takes place over the month of September and brings the river to life via an exciting season of arts, cultural and river events throughout the 42-mile stretch of the Thames in London. It is endorsed and supported by The Mayor of London, London First, Arts Council England, Port of London Authority and all 17 London boroughs with a riverfront. It is organised and delivered by Thames Festival Trust.           

4th Doggetts Coach & Badge Race
In 1715 Thomas Doggett founded the prize of Doggett's Coat and Badge in honour of King George I's accession to the Throne. Only young watermen (a river “taxi driver”) in the first year of their Freedom of the Watermen’s Company were entitled to enter the race,  The Race is held on the Thames, between London Bridge and Cadogan Pier (Chelsea) - the sites of the Old Swan Tavern and the Swan Inn Chelsea. Up to six young watermen will row under 11 bridges on the 4 mile 7 furlong course. 

8th-9th On Blackheath
Music and food festival (est. 2014) on one of London’s most beautiful open grass lands. OnBlackheath is a celebration of music, food, magic, and arts, alongside a vast array of entertainment and activities for families, and friends. Music stages, a food village, roaming performers and children’s workshops.

21st-30th Deptford X Festival
Established in 1996, Deptford X exists to promote the best contemporary visual art and celebrate that art with the widest possible audience. It is an arts event born of Deptford's creative community and based on a belief in the limitless potential of the area

16th-17th Open House London
Open House was started in 1992 as a small, not-for-profit organisation to promote public awareness and appreciation of the capital's building design and architecture. The intention was to open up London's splendid buildings to the general public who don't otherwise have access. We saw this as a way of helping the wider community to become more knowledgeable, engage in dialogue and make informed judgements on architecture           
22nd-7th Oct British Food Fortnight
When shopping please make a special effort to seek out British food. Shop in local butchers, greengrocers, farm shops and markets that source locally and will be able to tell you a little about the person who produced the food you are purchasing , British Food Fortnight is the biggest annual, national celebration of British food and drink and is held in the autumn at the same time as harvest festival. (Bring Home the Harvest).
22nd Autumn Equinox
The Autumn Equinox indicates the end of summer For the northern hemisphere, it means the start of longer nights and colder days. The equinox happens twice a year: on or around March 23 and on or around September 23. From today the temperature will begin to drop, and leaves will start turning red and nights will start to  draw in. On the autumnal equinox, the Earth hits the turning point in its orbit where neither the North or the South poles are tilted towards the sun. It means the amount of daylight and night time is the same at all points on the Earth's surface. The word equinox is Latin for "equal night”
23rd-23rd Oct  Seed Gathering Season
Established in 1998, The Tree Council has been organising Seed Gathering Season, the autumn campaign to inspire everyone to gather seeds, fruits and nuts and grow the trees of the future. The festival starts each year on the 23rd September (the autumn equinox, considered to be the first day of autumn) and continues until the 23rd October.

In Season

Food in Season
Native Oyster

Oysters are members of the family Ostreidae and the common European oyster is named Ostrea edulis. Oysters are bivalve molluscs found near the bottom of the sea in coastal areas. The upper shell (valve) is flattish and is attached by an elastic ligament hinge to the lower, bowl-shaped shell. Oysters are high in protein and low in fat. They are rich in zinc and contain many other minerals such as calcium, iron, copper, iodine, magnesium. By Victorian times, pickled oysters were a common food of the poor in London.  The era of cheap oysters came to an end quite abruptly after oyster beds became exhausted due to overfishing and pollution. Best with an Oyster Stout
Producer: Richard Haywards’s Oysters, Borough Market, SE1 9AA

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