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Camberwell Grove

Camberwell has some of the best Georgian terraces in South London. Georgian Camberwell expanded after Blackfriars bridge opened in 1769, as it linked Camberwell to the City which led to ribbon development of terraces along Camberwell Road and Camberwell New Road. Camberwell Grove began as the drive to Dr Lettsom’s House overlooking Camberwell as shown on the above print.





Developed by the old Surrey Canal (filled in in 1971)
Probably named after Henry Addington who was prime minister

Nos 7-13 (early C19 terrace)
Nos 15 (C18) 
Comments: Conservation area. 
Very busy road with improved Green.

On of South London;s best Georgian streets. Camberwell Grove was originally known as Walnut Tree Grove.(shown on John Rocque’s map of 1745). In 1779 Dr Lettsom built a Villa (Grove Hill) at top of Walnut Tree Grove. It was sold in the 1810 and many Regency and early Victorian houses were built in its grounds. on what is now Camberwell Grove. A faux cottage (No 220) remains from the grounds.  

Key Properties

History of Camberwell Grove


Camberwell Road Camberwell New Road Champion Hill Cobourg Road

No 66-84 late Georgian terrace. No 80 has Coade stones from Dr Lettsom’s house (demolished) in Grove Park.


Laid out in 1818 after the opening of Vauxhall Bridge and developed in c. 1820s with urban terraces and villas. Nos 62-84 (64-76 are 1825) No 189 Clifton Cottage (1823)

Named after Champion de Crespigny family
Fine Georgian properties plus later C20 houses on the border with Dulwich.
1820s development of brick semidetached houses. Road finished by 1870s. Name refers to the house of Saxe-Cobourg. In the 1800s members of the British royal family inter-married house of Saxe-Cobourg. and Prince Albert of Saxe-Cobourg married Victoria in 1840.


Grove Lane Grove Park Round-Up More SE5 Guides
Grove Lane is a tree-lined hillside road with various period styles that links Camberwell and Dulwich. Fine Georgian terraces at the Camberwell end. At the Dulwich end many C20 houses.

Key Properties

Quiet tree-lined road that turns back n itself. Various period styles from Georgian onwards. Originally part of Dr Lettsom’s Grove Hill estate, which was built in 1779 on Walnut Tree Walk (now Camberwell Grove). Part of the grounds of Grove Hill remain as Lettsom Gardens

Key Properties


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