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A Timeline History of Dulwich
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SL Districts A timeline history of Dulwich with prints, photographs and maps
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The village centre was near Dulwich Hamlet school and it was originally in the county of Surrey. The name comes from OE and may have meant 'meadow where the dill grew'

Saxon Dulwich

967 Edgar the Peaceful granted Dilwihs to a thane.

Medieval Dulwich

1127 Dulwich given to Bermondsey Abbey by Henry II
1333 Dulwich Population 100
Lordship Lane was the boundary with Friern Manor

Tudor Dulwich

1538 Dulwich no longer property of Bermondsey Abbey with Dissolution
1544 Dulwich granted to Thomas Calton by Henry VIII.

Stuart Dulwich

1605 Estate sold to Edward Alleyn by F Calton

1613 Dulwich Chapel and Old College begun
1616 Dulwich Chapel. Old Burial Ground added
1618 Old College built
1619 Foundation of College of God's Gift by Alleyn College endowed with manor of Dulwich by Alleyn
1626 Edward Alleyn died
1647 Roundheads quartered in Old College during English Civil War
1665 Great Plague killed 35 inhabitants

Georgian Dulwich

1739 Pond House, Village Way, built
1757 Lyndhurst, Village Way, built
1785 Belair House built (possibly by Adam)
1789 Dulwich Toll Gate opened on College Road
1790 Old Dulwich College print

Byron went to Dr Glennie's Academy (previously The Green Man)

Highwaymen on Dulwich Common
1805(+1814) Dulwich Common enclosed
1811-14 Dulwich Art Gallery built.
1814 Windmill at Dulwich Common closed

1820 Print of Dr Glennie’s Academy

c1825 Dr Glennie's Academy closed

Victorian Dulwich

1842 Dulwich Grammer School opened
1851 Dulwich's population: 1,632
1859 Belair House embellished

1863 London Chatham & Dover Railway built
West Dulwich Station opened as Lower Knight’s Hill Station opened

1870 New Dulwich College in College Road 40 acres funded by new railways. 300 pupils.

1882 Alleyns's School opened in Townley Road as lower school for Dulwich College.
1884 Dulwich Hamlet opened
1886 James Allen's School opened
1890 Dulwich Park opened
1894 St Barnabas Church opened

Modern Dulwich

1901 Dulwich's Population: 10,247
1940s World War II: Blitz & V1 & V2 caused widespread damage
2000 Charter School opened.

Further Reading

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